Rise Up: Visionary Business for These Times

Because we are alive, we impact our surroundings. What we decide to do with who we are are what we have matters, especially now.

With our planet at risk and socio-political tensions high across the world, within our governments, our media, our schools and communities, we’re tasked with a vital question:

How can we co-inhabit the earth in ways that, at minimum, are sustainable and, at best, cultivate a world where all living beings have access to the resources they need to flourish?

You have something to bring to that conversation.

You have ideas, visions, gifts, skills, experiences, points of view, feelings, quirks, flaws and you are perfectly positioned to create and offer something that could save or change lives, open minds, tend to our planet, shift culture and help build new futures.

So that’s what you’re doing (or maybe you’re working on that or possibly dreaming of it)!

But building a business, being a creative, an entrepreneur, an educator or a transformative leader or generally having a vision for something different in the world comes with many unique challenges (beyond the usual entrepreneurial struggles):

  • Constantly navigating despair and hopelessness about the state of the world and your part in it…

  • Worrying that what you’re doing isn’t enough or doesn’t matter…

  • Striving to make sure you’re actually being a part of the solution rather than the problem…

  • Freezing when it comes to marketing your work because it feels wrong to do so at a time like this…

  • Having a rough time trying to gain traction on your work/ideas because they’re so counter-cultural…

  • Giving everything you could offer away because you want to make sure as many people as possible have access to what you’re creating (at the cost of your wellbeing)…

  • Struggling to see how the thing you know you’re here to do could possibly allow you to make the impact you know you can make…

  • Contemplating walking away from your work because you can’t find a way to make it both financially sustainable and aligned with your values…

If you resonate with any of this:

Thank you for showing up for life, for your communities, for our world in any and all of the ways that you have.

I believe and know there’s a way forward (for you, for us) where those of us that have been blessed with the ability to envision different realities and solutions can make those visions tangible, give them roots and put them into action in sustainable, impactful, and nourishing ways.

The way forward isn’t easy, but can be done with ease… if we rise to the occasion.

Let’s do business differently.

Rise Up: Visionary Business for These Times is a self-study course for people who want to use their gifts, skills + resources to change the world. Want in? 

Receive lifetime access to the course and move through each module at your own pace. Feel free to explore each module in an order that is most relevant to you and your business development or growth! All content is available in video, audio, and written format (via transcription).

This course is $197 (with 2 and 4 Part Payment Plans available).

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